Maintenance Procedures

There are two maintenance chapters:

Army personnel use chapter two for unit maintenance procedures and chapter three for direct support maintenance procedures.

Air Force personnel: Only Air Force Specialty Code 753XX Combat Arms Training and Maintenance (CATM) specialists, technicians, and gunsmiths are authorized to perform maintenance procedures contained in this manual.

Each maintenance task has an initial setup containing a list of the following things you will need in order to do your maintenance task:

1. Tools and Special Tools. For standard and special tools, see appendixes B and C. Army uses the Tool Set, Gage Set and/or Shop Set listed in the initial setup.

2. Materials/Parts. Lists expendable materials and 100 percent replaceable parts. Each material or part is followed by a part number or appendix reference.

3. References. Lists other publications containing necessary information,

4. Equipment Condition. Lists conditions to be met before Starting the procedure. The reference on the left of the condition is a page reference to instructions for setting up the condition.

5. General Safety Instructions. Lists safety instructions to follow before performing maintenance procedures.

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