Dented carrier keys may be repaired (p 2-25) using the fabricated key tool (fig E-3, app E).

Check firing pin (13) for chips or breaks.

Pits or wear in area illustrated is permissible (14).

ID - If defects are found, evacuate to direct support maintenance for repair.

ID - Replace retaining pin/bolt cam pin.

ID - If the bolt assembly drops out of the bolt carrler due to its own weight, evacuate to di-irect support maintenance for repair (usually bolt ring replacement).

SH - Clean, lubricate (p 2-22) and assemble.

D - Replace extractor and spring, and ejector and spring as necessary.

D - If bolt carrier or carrier key is damaged or carrier key is loose, evacuate to direct support maintenance.

D - If firing pin is damaged, evacuate to direct support maintenance.

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