The Low Light Level Sights (front and rear) are no longer being manufactured and are obsolete items.

(5) Lock Plate, NSN 1005-00-233-9031.

(6) Top Sling Adapter, NSN 1005-00-406-1570

(7) Rifle Bipod M3, NSN 1005-00-992-6676.

(8) Bipod Carrying Case, NSN 1005-00-283-9439.

(9) Blank Firing Attachment M15A2, NSN 1005-00-118-6192.

b. Refer to TM 9-1010-221-24&P for unit maintenance for the Grenade Launcher M203.

c. Refer to TM 9-1005-237-23&P for repair instructions and repair parts for Bayonet-Knife M7 and Bayonet-Knife Scabbard M10.

d. Refer to TM 9-6920-363-12&P for unit maintenance of the M261 Conversion Kit (caliber .22 rimfire adapter).

e. Coast Guard (ONLY) NAVSEA OP 4445 M87 MOD 1 Line Throwing Rifle Adapter Kit.

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