Symptom Index

Troubleshooting Procedures Page

Failure of magazine to lock in weapon 3-4

Failure to feed 3-4

Failure to chamber 3-4

Failure to lock 3-4

Failure to fire 3-5

Failure to unlock 3-5

Failure to extract 3-6

Failure to eject 3-6

Failure to cock 3-6

Short recoil 3-7

Weapon cannot be zeroed 3-8

Failure to cycle with selector lever set on AUTO 3-8

Fires when trigger is released with selector lever on SEMI, or fires two or more rounds in

SEMI selector position (Doubling) 3-9

Fires with selector lever on SAFE 3-9

Bolt fails to lock to rear after firing last round 3-9

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