Warning Radiation Hazard


A. RULES AND REGULATIONS: Copies of the following rules and regulations are maintained at HQ, AMCCOM, Rock Island, IL 61299-6000. Copies may be requested, or information pertinent to these rules and regulations obtained, by contacting the AMCCOM Radiological Protection Officer (RPO), AUTOVON 793-2964/2965/2966 Commercial (309) 782-2964/2965/2966.

(1) 10CFR Part 19 - Notices, Instructions, and Reports to Workers; Inspections.

(2) 10CFR Part 20 - Standards for Protection Against Radiation.

(3) NRC license, license conditions, and license application.

B. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. The radioactive material used in this rifle is tritium gas (H3) sealed in a glass tube. It poses no significant hazard to the repairman when intact. The source illuminates the front sight for night operations. Tampering with or removal of the source in the field is prohibited by Federal law. In the event there is no illumination, notify the local Radiological Protection Officer. Do not attempt to repair or replace the sight in the field! If skin contact is made with any area contaminated with tritium, immediately wash with nonabrasive soap and water.

C. IDENTIFICATION: The radioactive self-luminous source is identified by means of a radioactive warning label (as above). This label should not be defaced or removed, and should be replaced immediately when necessary. Refer to the local RPO or the AMCCOM RPO for instructions on handling, storage, or disposal.

D. STORAGE AND SHIPPING: All radioactively illuminated instruments or modules which are defective will be evacuated to a depot maintenance activity. These items must be placed in a plastic bag and packaged in the shipping container from which the replacement was taken, before evacuation to a higher echelon is made. Spare equipment must be stored in the shipping container, as received, until installed on the weapon. Storage of these items is recommended to be in an outdoor shed type storage or unoccupied building.

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