Brief glossary

Ball burnishing A steel ball bearing of the same size as the barrel lands is repeatedly pushed through the bore. This

Broach rifling

Button rifling

Class characteristics

Hook cutter Lead lapping

Polygonal rifling Rifling

Rifling grooves Rifling lands

Skid marks

Swage or hammer rifling

Twist flattens out any irregularities in the bore, leaving a mirror-like finish.

A tool with a series of discs each with a profile of the required rifling. Each disc is slightly larger than the previous one so that the whole depth of the rifling may be cut with one pass of the tool.

A hardened steel ' button' or ' plug' on the end of a long rod, containing an exact negative of the rifling required, which is pushed or pulled through an undersized bore forcing the metal to expand into the final shape required.

Relate to the number of lands and grooves, their direction of twist, inclination of twist and their width.

A cutting tool which is hook shaped, like a crochet hook, which cuts one groove at a time.

A lead plug of the same diameter as the bore is repeatedly pulled through the rifling whilst being washed through with a fine abrasive, giving a highly polished finish.

Land and groove rifling which has a rounded profile instead of the traditional rectangular profile.

A series of spiral grooves cut into the inside surface of the bore of the barrel to impart a spin to the bullet through its longitudinal axis.

The depressions cut away by the rifling cutter.

The part of the barrel left standing proud after the rifling cutter has made the rifling grooves.

Rifling engraving produced on the bullet parallel to its axis as a result of the bullet entering the rifling with little or no rotational velocity. This results in a short length of rifling engraved on the bullet which appears to be parallel with its longitudinal axis.

A mandril, being an exact negative of the rifling required, is pulled through the bore whilst the barrel is hammered or squeezed on to it.

The number of inches required for the rifling to prescribe one complete spiral.

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