Discharge due to inappropriately low trigger pressure

For target use, trigger mechanisms are often 'tuned' to give a smoother, lighter trigger pull. It is not unusual to find target pistols and rifles with trigger pulls in the region of 1 lb.

Accepted commercial and military trigger pulls vary tremendously, but generally, the following could be considered as acceptable:

Whilst a 'tuned' trigger pressure as low as 1 lb may be totally acceptable in the very specialized arena of a target shooting competition, in other circumstances, it can be extremely dangerous.

Basically, tuning a trigger mechanism involves the polishing of the sear/bent mating surfaces and reducing the contact area between the two. This is an extremely difficult procedure and practically beyond the scope of anyone other than a highly trained armourer.

Decreasing the strength of the sear spring (which keeps the sear in contact with the bent) and the trigger return spring is also often carried out to improve the trigger pull.

One other modification is to reduce the 'trigger backlash'. 'Trigger backlash' is the continuing rearward movement of the trigger after the sear has become disengaged from the bent. Excessive trigger backlash can, at the moment of firing, cause the target shooter to inadvertently pull the weapon to one side, thus decreasing accuracy.

Such modifications, even when competently carried out, can, to even an experienced shooter in times of crisis, lead to the weapon being inadvertently fired.

• military rifles

• revolvers - single action

• revolvers - double action

• self-loading pistols

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