Figure 2.13 Hatton round.

of injury to persons behind the door being opened. On impact, the missile breaks up into powder, thus removing any chance of ricochet.

These rounds will penetrate vehicle tyres, fire doors clad on both sides with metal plate, cell-type doors, 12 mm thick Makralon and bullet-proof glass from a range of 1.5 m. Hatton ammunition can only be used in Magnum shotguns with 3 in. chambers and unchoked barrels.

Tear-gas ammunition - the ferret round - usually contains a finned, plastic bomblet-type missile filled with CS gas. The plastic comes in various grades depending upon the material being penetrated. These are only for police and military use.

The Dragon's Breath is another highly specialized shotgun round. This contains a zirconium-based pyrotechnic material. When the round is fired, a huge flame erupts from the gun 's barrel that can extend up to 300 ft. The Dragon 's Breath is only for extremely specialized military use as the effect it produces is similar to that of a short-ranged flame-thrower.

The bean bag ammunition is basically a nylon or Kevlar bag containing lead shot. For extremely short-range, non-lethal, anti-personnel use.

The baton round is a plastic or rubber missile designed to be ricocheted from the ground for crowd control.

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