Muzzle Brake Removal

(1) Using a T-30 Torx wrench, remove two muzzle brake screws. Take care not to lose muzzle brake washers. Use a small screwdriver or pick from cleaning kit to remove muzzle brake washers.

Dta Mil Muzzle Brake
Figure 2-17a. Removing muzzle brake screws

(2) Begin by facing the rifle muzzle looking down the barrel. Place RH side muzzle brake on a hard wooden worktable while suspending aft end of rifle. The LH side of the muzzle brake should be approximately % in (6 mm) above table.

(3) Use a large dead blow hammer to strike the left side of muzzle brake. (See Figure 2-17b) When muzzle brake is loose, unscrew by hand.

Cal Muzzle Break

Figure 2-17b. Removing muzzle brake

(4) Remove muzzle brake shims.

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