Rifle Cleaning Schedule

(1) Daily Service. As part of daily service, inspect the bore and chamber, and clean component parts of firing mechanism. Wipe entire rifle thoroughly, dry, and re-lubricate.

(2) Two-Week Intervals. For periods up to two weeks, if the rifle is not being fired, renew the oil film in the bore and chamber as required by climatic conditions of the area.

(3) 90 Day Intervals. For periods up to 90 days, if the rifle is not to be fired, it may be coated with Break Free.






Failure to Feed

Sluggish action

Clean and lubricate or (if cold) check overlubrication


Support receiver more firmly in shoulder

Magazine not seated

Reinsert properly

Bolt carrier binding in the receiver

Straighten receiver as required

Weak barrel springs


Failure to Chamber

Damaged cartridge

Remove and recharge/ Reload

Dirty chamber

Clear and clean

Faulty mainspring or bent receiver housing

Replace spring or rebend housing

Failure to Lock or Unlock

Obstruction between firing pin & bolt

Disassemble and clean

Blown primer wedged between firing-pin and bolt

Return to Barrett factory if problem persists

Excessive dirt, sand, etc., in locking area

Clean chamber

Broken or burred bolt latch or bolt latch spring

Repair or replace - if bolt latch slot on bolt is rounded over

Bolt spring bent or not seated properly

Replace or reinstall

Failure to Fire

Faulty ammunition

Replace ammunition

Bolt carrier not in battery

Manually cycle fresh round

Excessive lift in bolt carrier when trigger is squeezed

Bend main spring lips down

Improper installation of firing mechanism

Assembly properly

Trigger components Incorrectly installed or faulty/broken

Reinstall, or repair/replace

Failure to Extract

Broken extractor


Extractor not moving freely in slot

Remove and clean

Dirty chamber


Failure to Eject

Frozen or damaged ejector or spring

Remove and replace

Very Hard Recoil

Faulty/hot ammo

Replace or cool ammunition

Muzzle brake missing/damaged/clogged

Inspect and replace if needed

Damage to main spring and/or buffer, etc.

Remove and replace

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