* It is not necessary to disassemble weapon for cleaning under normal circumstances.

* To clean the revolver as required when the weapon is not fired, or when it is kept in storage, rub it externally with a lightly oiled cloth, and then swab out the bore and cylinder chambers with an oily cotton flannel patch. Remove excess oil but leave a light film to protect against rusting. Clean out all crevices with a small brush.

1. Cleaning after firing.

A. Scrub out the bore and chambers with solvent, and then use a brush dipped in solvent,"not the bore brush", to remove all deposits from from around the breech of barrel, cylinder face, extractor head,and other adjacent areas.If there is evidence of lead particles or other foreign matter left in the bore or chambers scrub these parts further with a brush and solvent.

2. Check under the extractor for any fouling, unburned powder or other foreign matter and clean if needed.

3. Remove all traces of solvent, both on the exterior of the weapon and in the bore and chambers. Replace with a light coat of oil.

4. There is usually some residue in the steel of the barrel and cylinder that works out and becomes apparent within 24 to 48 hours after the initial cleaning. This can be removed with a brush and powder solvent, after which the oil film should be re-established on all surfaces.

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