Clear The Weapon

* Before handling any weapon, HCLEAR ITH1 Never trust anybody. FIREARMS ARE ALWAYS CONSIDERED LOADED!

A. Hake sure fingers are outside of the trigger guard and the weapon is pointed in a safe direction at all times1

B. ON SAFE - If possible set safety/selector to the "Safe" position.

C. REMOVE MAGAZINE - Depress the magazine release lever or button and remove the magazine.

D. RETRACT COCKING HANDLE OR SLIDE - Pull cocking handle or slide to the rear one or more times and insure the chamber is empty. Watch for a live round or empty case to be ejected. Lock bolt or slide open if possible.

E. INSPECT CHAMBER - Inspect chamber for the presence of a live round or empty case.

1. Visually - View chamber through open ejection port.

2. Physically - Insert index finger through magazine well and feel for the presence of a round or cartridge case in the chamber.

* Use caution that slide or bolt does not close on your finger.

* Remove any live rounds or empty cases from the chamber or from within the weapon or magazine before handling weapon further.

*** Some firearms have different or unique procedures required for loading/unloading, making safe and general handling. Be thoroughly familiar with any firearms you handle or come in contact with in your duties.

The following 3270.2 details an incident that happened with a weapon received by FTB for examination. The incident did not involve any ATF personal and is included in this manual to illustrate the need to use extreme caution even with routine matters involving firearms. You should be familiar with the operation of common firearms encountered. Also some weapons may have been improperly modified and present added dangers that may not be readily apparent.

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