Fore-end Unit

Assemble slide to locate into notches on rear of action bars. Assemble bolt assembly to locate into slide. Assemble locking block to locate into bolt assembly.

Slide, bolt assembly and locking block are now located in operating position on the action bars of fore-end assembly.

Assemble fore-end tube of this completed unit gently over the magazine tube, and insert end of action bars and slide into grooves along sides of receiver.

Move assembly gently rearward wntil it contacts right shell latch. Depress front end of right shell latch to clear the action bar and move assembly slightly rearward again to contact left shell latch. Depress front end of left shell latch to allow assembly to pass rearward.

In reassembling trigger plate mechanism, always be sure that the end of action bar lock is below end of left connector or weapon may not function properly.



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