XB40 BARREL BREAK-IN (New and Rebarreled Weapons)

Breaking in a new barrel takes a bit of effort but it is time well spent. Not everyone goes about it in the sane way, a commonly used method is listed below. What happens during this process is that the bullet is burnishing (lapping) the new bore* For the bullet to have thiB effect all the copper jacket guilding must be completely removed between shots/ strings. A barrel that has been properly broken-in will shoot to its potential sooner and may foul less«

1» shoot 10 rounds. Clean the bore thoroughly between each round. Remember to give the solvent tine to work before scrubbing.

2. Shoot 3 consecutive rounds. Clean the barrel. Let the barrel cool between strings* Shoot 3 more rounds. Clean the barrel. Follow this 3 rounds/clean procedure for another 3-5 strings.

3. You can now shoot the number of rounds you wish. The groups at this point should give you an idea of what you can expect from the rifle. Clean bore thoroughly after use. Also its not a bad idea to clean the barrel more often than normal for the first 100 rounds. Remember that not only all powder fouling must be removed but all copper jacket fouling as well.


There are many specialty solvents on the market today that can ease cleaning chores* Follow all directions and do not mix solvents in use. Some of these are designed to remove copper jacket fouling and should be used with nylon bore brushes as they will eat up bronze brushes. Many shooters use both a solvent to remove powder fouling with a bronze bore brush and a special copper jacket solvent with nylon brushes. A popular choice has been Shooters Choice followed by Sweet's 7.62.

Shooters Choice - A very good solvent to remove powder fouling, use with bronze bore brushes.

Hoppe's No.9

- A powder solvent, use with bronze bore brushes.

Barnes CR-10

A copper fouling solvent, use with nylon brushes. Do not leave in bore longer than 15 minutes, keep off stock finishes*

Shooters Choice - A copper fouling solvent, use with nylon bore brushes. (COPPER REMOVER)

Sweet's 7.62 - An aggressive copper solvent, use with nylon brushes. ACCUBORE - A copper/powder solvent, use with nylon bore brushes.

Hoppes BENCH REST 9 - A copper fouling solvent, use with nylon brushes.

* Remember to follow directions and give solvents time to work on fouling before scrubbing.

* Always leave a light coat of oil in bore after cleaning.

* Keep muzzle below receiver when cleaning so solvents drain away from the chamber.

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