hfck mp-5 reassembly

The H&K MP-5 is basically reassembled in the reverse sequence of which it was disassembled.

A. Place firing pin spring on firing pin, place the firing pin spring over the long end of the firing pin.

B. Install firing pin with spring in bolt carrier - Place firing pin with spring into large opening in the front lower portion of the bolt carrier. The pointed end of the firing pin should point out of the front of the bolt carrier.

C. Install locking piece in bolt carrier - Place the locking piece over the firing pin. Push down against the firing pin spring and insert the tab, located on the cylindrical portion of the locking piece, into the oblong notch provided at the 6 o'clock position. Push all the way in and rotate the locking piece in a counter-clockwise direction about 1/8 of a turn.

** Be sure the firing pin spring is installed!

If the firing pin spring is missing the weapon can slam-fire when chambering a round of fire several rounds with one pull of the trigger when set in semi mode. if spring is lost do hot substitute with any other springs.

D. Install the bolt head - Place the bolt head over the locking piece and fully rotate the bolt head and locking piece counter clockwise until they are in a locked position.

2. Trigger Group -

Operator disassembly of the SF trigger group is not recommenced unless absolutely necessary due to the ease that the trigger group can be damaged when incorrectly assembled. Clean trigger groups with solvent, brushes, compressed air and cotton swabs.

** 2-round burst groups should not be disassembled.

3. Install forearm and locking pin*

4. Install flash hider.

5. Insert bolt group - Hold the bolt group in the palm of the hand. Hold the locking rollers in with the index finger and thumb. Slide the entire group into the rear of the receiver all the way in until the recoil spring and guide rod disappear.

6. Attach the trigger group - Remove stowed locking pin and cock the hammer back. Align the locking pin hole in the trigger group with the corresponding hole located at the rear of the magazine well. Insert small locking pin to secure the trigger group.

7. Install the buttstock - Insert large locking pin. Retractable stocks come off and go on more easily when retracted.

* It is best to install locking pins from left to right to reduce the chances of these pine being accidently pushed out when the weapon is slung against the body and / or equipment.

8. Clear the weapon and preform a function check to ensure that the weapon is assembled and functioning properly.

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