Remington Disassembly

Examine chamber of barrel and magazine to make certain there are no shells in weapon. Press in action bar lock if weapon is cocked.

Move fore-end half way back and unscrew magazine cap. Slide barrel forward out of receiver. It is advisable to replace magazine cap if barrel only is being removed.

Caution: Do not slam action forward in receiver after barrel is removed. (Action bar will bind on shell latch.)

If weapon is equipped with a magazine extension see page 24 for instructions on proper installation. These are often improperly installed. This can cause malfunctions and damage to weapon.

Barrel and magazine cap must be removed to disassemble fore-end unit. Press in front end of left shell latch, slide fore-end assembly forward off magazine tube. Breech bolt assembly, locking block, and slide will also be removed with fore-end assembly. Slide may catch on bottom of ejection port if trigger plate assembly is in weapon. Push bolt assembly downward to releave this condition.

Dismount locking block, slide, and breech bolt assembly from action bars.

To remove trigger plate assembly push out front and rear trigger plate pins. Lift rear end of trigger plate assembly from receiver and slide assembly assembly rearward, tilting clockwise to clear action bar lock. If bolt assembly is still in weapon press in action bar lock if weapon is cocked and open action. DO NOT USE FORCE TO REMOVE.

Do not disassemble trigger plate assembly. If necessary clean with a brush and solvent as a unit, wipe dry and re-oil very sparingly. Do not dislodge detent springs, (D clips) from bushings. Each bushing

Do not allow hammer to snap forward with trigger plate assembly removed from weapon. Hammer must be cocked for reassembly.

has one D clip



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