Sigarms Warning

All owners and users of SIG-Sauer pistols are reminded to use the decocking lever to decock their pistols. This is the only way to safely lower the hammer from the cocked position and prevent an accidental discharge caused by thumb-slipping or dropping the pistol.

This Warning applies to all pistols with decocking levers*. The only positive way to safely lower the hammer is by use of the decocking lever.

Hammers should never be lowered by manually lowering the hammer by pulling the trigger. Manually lowering the hammer is dangerous in itself and prevents the full application of the pistol's safety features.

The decocking lever is the only proper method of lowering the hammer and assuring that the hammer rests in the intercept notch. The intercept notch prevents the hammer from striking the firing pin, whether from slipping manually, or accidentally dropping the pistol.

DO NOT thumb the hammer down: the consequence can be serious injury or death - only and ALWAYS use the decocking lever!

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