Trigger Plate Assembly

Cock Hammer. Set safety switch "ON". Slide fore-end fully rearward. Insert trigger plate assembly into receiver, tilting the assembly clockwise to clear action bar lock. DO NOT USE FORCE.

Note: Use care when assembling trigger plate to receiver. Any deformation of the action bar lock will prevent proper engagement with the end of the action bar.

Align pin holes properly and insert front and rear trigger plate pins


Unscrew magazine cap, if on magazine tube. Press in action bar lock and open action halfway. Insert breech end of barrel into receiver with barrel guide ring over magazine tube and slide barrel rearward. Be sure ejector is in barrels ejector cut. Screw on magazine cap securely.

If weapon has a magazine extension see page 24 for proper method of installation. It is often done incorrectly!

Weapons with 14" barrels that do not have forearm lights should have hand guards installed. The guard should be installed so that the mag cap detent ball and the magazine cap detent on the barrel guide ring contact each other. DO NOT PUT GUARD ON MAGAZINE TUBE BEFORE BARREL! THE ACTION WILL WORK BUT IT WILL NOT LOCK AND WEAPON WILL NOT FIRE!

Padded magazine tube/cap pliers can be used to install or remove magazine caps and couplings. FIC's should have these. Pliers are listed on source page.


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