What To Do

Assemble correctly. Retaining pin goes in back of large shoulder of firing pin.

Wipe out with pipe cleaner.

Remove and properly discard.

Clean. Inspect other parts of rifle for excessive fouling.

Clean and or return to FTB.

Return to FTB.

Remove and properly discard. Clean. Clean.

Remove and properly • svard. Clean. Replace.

Take out excess.

Seat magazine, Check mag catch.


Remove and properly discard. Clean.

Dirt, corrosion or fouling Clean lugs, in barrel locking lugs.

Bolt Fails to Lock After Last Round

Gaps in bolt rings. (Not staggered)

Fouling on carrier key or on outside of gas tube.

Faulty magazine.

Stagger ring gaps. Clean. Replace.

Dirty or corroded bolt latch. Clean.

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