Windage Adjustment

A. Check the rear sight lock screw (located behind the rear sight drum) for tightness using the sight adjustment tool.

B. Decide which direction you need to move the rear sight. Move the rear sight in the direction you want the projectiles to move on the target downrange. ( Left « Left ) - ( Right = Right )

H&K MP-5 SIGHT ADJUSTMENT (Windage cont.)

Use the sight adjustment tool to remove the slack (free rotation) from the windage adjustment screw in the direction you intent to move the rear sight BEFORE loosening the rear sight locking screw. The rear sight adjustment screw is located on the right side of the rear sight assembly.

Rotate the rear sight locking screw,using the sight adjustment tool, one complete turn in a counterclockwise direction to loosen the rear sight assembly.

Rotate the rear sight adjustment screw in the desired direction. Direction of Windage Adjustment- Viewing the rear sight assembly from the right hand side, rotate the rear sight adjustment screw using the sight adjustment tool as follows. COUNTERCLOCKWISE - Moves Impact Right. CLOCKWISE - Moves Impact Left.

Windage Adjustment Value - One full revolution of the windage adjustment screw moves the impact of the projectiles on target approximately 2.16 inches (55mm) at a range of 25 meters.

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■■■■■■■■UMBteMh. Loosening the clamping screw

Elevation adiustment DETACHABLE FLASH HIDER

The detachable flash hider should be removed and cleaned each time the weapon is fired.

Prior to attaching the flash hider, insure that the flash hider and the muzzle of the weapon with its 3 lugs are clean and lightly lubricated.

Disengage the locking lever by pressing it against its spring tension along its length. Use your finger nail of a small flat object to depress and lift the locking lever away from the body of the flash hider. The flash hider is now ready to be installed on the weapon.

Place the flash hider fully over the muzzle of the weapon and its 3 lugs with the locking lever positioned away from the bottom of the flash hider.

Reengage the locking lever until it is retained by spring pressure and the notch, located at the front end of the locking lever, is securely engaged on the engagement pin found in the slot in the body of the flash hider.

You may find it necessary to sightly rotate the flash hider to fully engage the locking lever.

Check for secure attachment of the flash hider by pulling forward and twisting the flash hider. Check again for complete engagement of the locking lever.

Locking Lever

Locking Lever

Flaih Hider

Flaih Hider

Put selector on "SAFE".

Remove magazine.

Pull cocking lever to the rear, make sure chamber is empty, let cocking lever snap forward.

Disengage carrying sling from eye bolt at front sight holder.

Remove butt stock locking pin and store it in the tubular rivets of the fixed butt stock.

Pull butt stock to the rear, swing down or remove grip assembly. Use cocking lever to pull bolt and recoil spring to the rear and remove them from receiver.

It is not necessary to remove recoil spring guide rod from bolt group for normal cleaning. This causes added wear to the nylon guide rings. In the field the recoil spring guide can be reversed and the weapon used in a normal fashion until the nylon guide rings can be replaced by FTB if this is a problem.

If the grip assembly is removed, put locking pin back in its hole in the receiver. They are small and easy to lose.

Remove forearm locking pin and forearm, store pin in its hole in receiver.

Do not remove the recoil spring and guide rod from the bolt carrier as it unnecessarily wears out the nylon washers that are difficult to replace.

Do not remove extractor spring, extractor, locking rollers or locking roller holder from bolt head!

Remove Bolt Head - Viewing the bolt group from the front, rotate the bolt head in a clockwise direction approximately 1/8 turn and lift it off the locking piece.

Remove Locking Piece - Continue rotating locking piece in a clockwise direction about 1/8 of a turn until it can be lifted from the bolt carrier.

Remove Firing Pin and Spring - Lift the firing pin with spring out of the oval recess in the front of the bolt carrier.

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