Xb Care

Thorough, careful cleaning is essential to maintain accuracy required with these weapons. If the bores of these weapons are not properly cared for accuracy will drop off and the barrels ¬Ľay be ruined. Fouling can build up in as few as 10 to 15 rounds and must be completely removed after each use. Each shot fired irons powder fouling and gilding metal into the bore under tons of pressure and thousands of degrees heat. This fouling can build up to .002"/.003" in thickness and be difficult to remove without damaging the barrel. Fouling will not go on evenly so the bore will have tight spots that will affect accuracy.

The use of stainless steel in precision rifle barrels has little to do with ease of maintenance. Stainless is more resistant to heat erosion than chrome-moly steel and if machined carefully can make a better barrel. Just because these weapons have "stainless" barrels does not mean they need any less care.

General Notes 40XB Care

* Always properly clean bore after each use, don't put it off.

* Always use a cleaning rod guide, never clean a 40XB without one. The lands just forward of the chamber are easy to damage. Also the guide keeps solvents and oils out of the trigger assembly and bedding.

* Never use a stainless bore brush, they can damage bores. It is best to use a brass core bronze bristled brush with most solvents. If special copper solvents are used in addition to other solvents use nylon bristled brushes with them.

* Always read and follow manufactures directions on solvents. If more than one solvent is used, completely remove one solvent before another is used. A chemical reaction may result that can corrode even stainless steel. Also some solvents are oil-based and some are water-based and can neutralize each other.

* A small squeeze bottle is ideal for applying solvent to cleaning brushes. It keeps the remaining solvent in the bottle from becoming contaminated.

* If a dry cleaning patch becomes stuck in the bore do not force it through. Point the muzzle in the air and trickle some solvent down the barrel onto the patch. Rotate the muzzle as you trickle solvent down to wet entire patch and wait about 1 minute. The patch should now push through easily.

* Keep the cleaning rod straight as it is pushed through the bore, do not allow it to "bow".

* Only vinyl coated one piece cleaning rods should be used to clean these rifles. Brass and aluminum rods can pick up grit and act like a lap on the bore.

* Develop the habit of always wiping dirt and grit off of cleaning rods before use and between each pass.

* Barrels in these rifles should be "free floating". You can check this by holding a dollar bill around the barrel and sliding it back to the receiver. It should move freely and not stick between barrel and stock.

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