Cartridge drop lever operation

The feeding system operates by means of a special cartridge drop lever, the outer portion of which protrudes below the receiver and is thus easily reached by the trigger finger.

The hammer spring forces the cartridge drop lever upwards to disengage it from the carrier latch which, pulled by the carrier latch spring, rotates clockwise to allow a cartridge to exit from the magazine. As the cartridge falls into position on the carrier, it presses against the cartridge drop lever which rotates in the opposite direction to prevent a second cartridge from exiting. The end of the cartridge drop lever which protrudes from the receiver is marked with a red point. When the red point is visible, the hammer is cocked and the gun is ready to fire; otherwise the hammer is not cocked.

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  • robinia chubb-baggins
    What is the purpose of the benelli cartridge drop lever?
    9 years ago

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