Le norme di garanzia sono contenute nello specitico certificato. La Benelli Armi S.p.A. non si ritiene responsabile di eventuali danni derivanti daH'uso di munizioni improprie, da negligenzedi manuten-zione o da incidenti dovuti ad imperizia nel maneggio deH'arma.

The shotgun can operate with a wide range of cartridges, thanks to the high degree of performance being acquired and their 3" 1/2 magnum chambers. The inertial system requires, however, a minimum of kinetic energy, which is necessary to achieve a normal cycling of ammunition.

Extensive testing in ballistics labs and repeated field testing of our line produced weapons put at 180 kgm the lowest level of kinetic energy that must be generated by the cartridge to fully cycle the action (the measurement was taken on a manometric barrel, according to at a velocity of V1 at 1 0 m distance from the muzzle).

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