Benelli Armi S.p.A. is proud to introduce the line of semi-automatic shotguns, a result of painstaking work at Benelli's Research and Development Center and of Benelli's extensive experience in precision engineering and technical know-how.

The small number of components, an extremely simple operating principle, the innovativeness of the turning block bolt locking system and the new cartridge feeding system (cut off), make the "Benelli" shotguns highly reliable and practical, easy to strip and upkeep to the extent that the shotguns can be considered the most modern, accurate, safe, fast and elegant shotguns available today.

SUPER BLACK EAGLE is the first semi-automatic shotgun capable of shooting, in addition to all traditional hunting loads, the most recent steel shot loads which are best used with 12 gauge shells with an extramagnum length of 3" 1/2.

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