WARNING: It is recommended to wear protective glasses during the field stripping and assembly procedures.

Assemble following the Field Stripping procedure in reverse order. Pay attention to the following points:

1 The barrel should rest perfectly against the slide (the extractor must lodge in its 16

groove in the barrel).

1 The recoil spring guide head should lodge in the center of its seat in the barrel base.

i When rotating disassembly latch, the slide should be in the closed position (aligned

NOTICE: Before screwing the counterweight slide locking screws (L1), make sure that the counterweight slide (L) is in correct position and then tighten the screws (L1) without applying excessive force.

WARNING: Do not store firearms in places which are or could be accessible by children or other persons whose unfamiliarity with firearms might lead to unsafe use. Always store your firearms securely and unloaded, separate from ammunition. (See point 3 of the BASIC SAFETY RULES).

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