Cleaning And Lubrication

WARNING: Excess oil and grease obstructing the bore even partially are very dangerous when firing and may cause damage to the pistol and serious injury to the shooter and bystanders. Never spray or apply oil to the cartridges. Use lubricants properly: you are responsible for the proper care and maintenance of your firearm.


i Make sure the magazine is thoroughly clean and the follower slides easily downward if pressed.

1 If necessary lightly oil (using Beretta or a good grade gun oil) the internal and external walls of the magazine box.

1 Run a dry patch through the box. Do not leave lubricant inside the magazine box.

1 If the pistol is carried with the magazine loaded, it is important to periodically unload all magazines for cartridge inspection. BARREL

1 Spray the brush supplied with gun oil. Insert it into the barrel from the chamber end and slide it backward and forward a few times.

1 Dry the barrel by pushing a patch through with the brush supplied. Keep changing the patch until it emerges clean from the barrel.

1 Lightly oil the inside and outside of the barrel, using a lightly oiled patch.

i Lightly oil guides of the barrel base.


1 Clean slide with an oily patch paying special attention to breech face, to guide rails and to extractor housing; if necessary use the brush supplied.

i Lightly oil the slide with gun oil.


1 Lightly oil recoil spring and spring guide with gun oil. After long use it may be necessary first to clean with gun oil and then with the soft brush supplied.

CAUTION: Do not apply excess oil: accumulation of oil attracts dirt which can plug the barrel and interfere with the functioning and reliability of the pistol.

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