Field Stripping

WARNING: Make sure the pistol is unloaded. If not, unload it following the "UNLOADING THE PISTOL" procedure.

WARNING: It is recommended to wear protective glasses during the field stripping and assembly procedures.

NOTICE: It is advisable to carry out the field stripping and the assembly operations over a table to catch components should they drop.

1 Remove magazine by depressing magazine release button.

NOTICE: Field stripping of Beretta 87 Target can be carried out only after the counterweight slide locking screws (L1) have been loosened and the counterweight slide (L) has been removed.

Proceed as follows:

1 Unscrew the two counterweight slide locking screws (L1) using a 3 mm Allen key (fig. 19) and remove the counterweight slide (L).

1 Hold pistol in the left hand, pressing with forefinger the disassembly latch release button (M1) (fig. 20); with right thumb rotate disassembly latch (M) counterclockwise until it stops (fig. 21).

1 Pull the barrel sleeve, slide, recoil spring and spring guide assembly forwards (fig. 22).

1 Pressing recoil spring guide head (caution: the recoil spring is under compression) lift the recoil spring guide and let the spring expand slowly (fig. 23).

1 Separate the slide from the barrel-barrel sleeve assembly.

CAUTION: No further disassembly is recommended unless done by a competent gumsmith.

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