Loading The Pistol And The Cartridge Chamber

WARNING: Always keep your finger away from the trigger whenever you do not intend to fire.

i Push loaded magazine into pistol grip completely to insure catch engagement.

1 Grasping the slide serrations with thumb and forefinger, fully retract and quickly release the slide to load the chamber (fig. 9).

WARNING: THE PISTOL IS NOW LOADED, COCKED AND READY TO Fl RE. Always keep fingers away from the trigger, whenever you do not intend to fire.

Engage the manual safety by simply rotating the safety lever (C) completely upwards using your thumb (fig. 10). The red warning dot will disappear (fig. 5) (the red warning dot can be seen only when the manual safety is disengaged).

NOTICE: The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any injury or property damage resulting from improper or careless handling, intentional or accidental discharge of the firearm.

WARNING: The Beretta 87 Target is a target pistol and therefore it is not equipped with a safety hammer decocking device.

For this reason never try to lower the hammer with a round in the chamber.

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