Malfunctions Causes And Remedies




Mis-introduction of a cartridge into the chamber

Defective cartridge

Inspect and replace cartridge


Defective cartridge

Keep pistol muzzle in a safe direction and pull the trigger once more or replace cartridge

Mis-extraction or defective extraction

Dirty cartridge chamber

Clean and lubricate cartridge chamber

Defective or dirty ammunition

Replace or clean cartridges

Dirt under the extractor

Clean the extractor housing

CAUTION: No one should attempt to make recommended repairs without proper knowledge or training.

NOTICE: Wholesalers, dealers or gunsmiths (unless they are a Repair Station authorized by the Manufacturer and/or by its Local Official Distributors) are not authorized to make any Warranty repair or adjustment on behalf of the Manufacturer.

Automatic Pistol Extractors

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