Beretta Pistol Parts

Use care when removing recoil spring and spring guide. Because of the amount of compression, assembly will be released under spring tension and could cause possible injury to personnel, or become damaged or lost.

5. Slightly compress recoil spring and spring guide, while at the same time lifting and removing recoil spring and spring guide. Allow the recoil spring to expand slowly.

6. Separate recoil spring from spring guide.

7. Push in on locking block plunger while pushing barrel forward slightly. Lift and remove locking block and barrel assembly from slide.

8. Refer to operator's manual for magazine disassembly instructions.


Remove dirt and corrosion or powder residue from parts with wiping rag dampened with CLP/SBC.


1. Visually inspect all parts for damage.

2. Inspect external surfaces for proper finish {black surfaces should not reflect light). Touch up as required with solid film lubricant.

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