Trigger Bar Spring

To prevent loss of disassembly button and spring, be sure to release button pressure slowly after the removal of the disassembly latch lever.

1. Push in on the disassembly latch button (1) and rotate the disassembly latch lever (2) upward until contacting the slide rail. While maintaining firm pressure on the disassembly latch button (1|, pull out, and rotate upward to remove the disassembly latch lever (2).

2. Remove the disassembly latch button (1) and spring (2).

Disassembly Latch Release Button92f Trigger Bar Spring


When removing each pistol grip, the lockwashers may remain seated or come loose. Be careful not to lose them.

3. Remove the grip screws (1). Using the forefinger, insert the finger into the magazine well and gently lift up on the pistol grip (2). Repeat the procedure to remove the other grip.

92f Trigger Bar SpringBeretta 92f Trigger Spring Slide Spring Barrel 9mm Beretta 85f

4. Place the receiver on the left side. Locate the trigger bar spring (1) just below the trigger bar (2). With the tip of fingernail or screwdriver, or the use of needle-nose pliers, carefully unseat the upper portion of the trigger bar spring Ul from the trigger bar (2). Gently lift up and remove the trigger bar spring (1) from the hole in the receiver.

5. To remove the trigger bar (2), unseat the trigger bar by inserting the forefinger into the receiver and pushing outward on the trigger bar. Pull the trigger bar out from the right side of the receiver (3).

6. Rotate the slide stop (1} slightly upward and pull out until the slide stop |1| can rotate freely downward Remove the slide stop 111 and slide stop spring {2).


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