Beretta 92 Firing Pin Spring Replacement

13. Rotate the slide with sights down. Carefully seat the firing pin block spring (1) into the recess hole (2). Insert the firing pin block (3) into the firing pin block cutout.

Firing Pin

14. With the forefinger, push in on the firing pin block (1|. Place the slide on its side and with a 3/32 inch punch, lightJy tap the firing pin block spring pin in until slightly below flush.


If safety does not rotate freely between safe and fire positions, check right safety lever spring pins for correct installation.


When the necessary maintenance task has been completed, reassemble the pistol in accordance with paragraph 3-8.

Beretta 92f RepairFiring Pin BlockBeretta Firing Pin HoleBeretta Firing Pin Hole

This task covers:

a. Disassembly b. Cleaning c. Inspection/Repair d. Reassembly initial setup

Tools and Special Tools Shop Set, Small Arms: Field Maintenance, Basic, Less Power (SC 4933-95-CLA11) M9 Staking Tool


Brush, cleaning small arms: toothbrush Cleaner, lubricant and preservative (CLP1 Cleaning compound, solvent, rifle bore cleaner (RBC)

Cloth, abrasive, crocus Inspection penetrant Lubricant, solid film

Lubricating oil. weapons semi-fluid (LSA)

Rag, wiping

Materials/Pans (conti Ejector spring pin (9346468) Lanyard loop spring pin (9346459)


Be sure weapon is clear and there are no obstructions in the barrel or chamber.

Equipment Condition Pistol, field stripped


Beretta Pistol Assembly

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