Parts Of A Semi-automatic Pistol

Before starting an inspection, andior performing any maintenance procedures, be sure to clear the weapon. Do not squeeze the trigger until the pistol has been cleared, inspect the chamber to be sure it is empty, and check to see that there are no obstructions in the barrel. Do not keep live amunition near work/maintenance area.

GENERAL: Inspect all assemblies for missing, broken, or loose parts. Inspect parts for cracks, dents, burrs, excessive wear, rust or corrosion. Make sure all items are cleaned and lubricated (ARMY TM 9-1005-317-10, NAVY SW 370-AA-0PI-010/9mm, AIR FORCE TO 11W3-3 5-1, MARINE CORPS TM 1005A-10/1, COAST GUARD COMDTINST M8370.6). Inspect external surfaces for adequate finish. Repair or replace authorized defective parts or evacuate to intermediate direct support maintenance/next authorized repair level.

Table 2-2. Unit Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) (cont).





Field strip pistol in accordance with paragraph 2-11 or operator's manual.

Parts Semi Automatic Pistol9mm BerettaPistole BeretttaField Stripped Auto Pistol Diagram

SJide and Barrel Assembly

Slide Rail 9mm Beretta

a. Visually inspect slide rails (1) for burrs or cracks. Slide should be free of burrs or cracks.

b. Check operation by rotating safety (2} between the safe (down) and fire (up) positions. Safety should rotate freely between positions and lock in each position.

c. Check firing pin block (3) for up and down movement. Firing pin Mock should move freely up and down with spring tension.

d. Visually inspect barrel {4) for cracks and obstructions. Chamber area of barrel should be free of cracks, obstructions or excessive pitting.

e. Check locking block (5) movement Locking block should move up and down freely. Visually inspect locking block Jugs (6) for cracks or burrs. Locking block lugs should be free of cracks or burrs.

f. Visually inspect recoil spring (7) for flat spots. Recoil spring should not have flat spots. Visual inspect recoil spring (7) and recoil spring guide (8| for straightness and burrs. Recoil spring and recoil spring guide should not be bent or burred.

Table 2-2. Unit Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) (cant).




Receiver Assembly

Receiver Assembly

Receiver Assembly

a. Visually inspect to ensure that receiver rails (1) are not bent, cracked, or burred. Receiver rails should be straight and free from cracks or burrs.

b. Visually inspect magazine well (2) for cleanliness and burrs. Magazine well should be clean and free of burrs.

Pistol M9

Pistol 9mm

a. Assemble pistol {see para 2-11 or operator's manual). Ensure that parts are installed correctly and are in good working condition. Perform safety/ function check (see SERVICE UPON RECEIPT OF MATERIEL, para 2-5).

b. Check all moving parts for binding or hesitation. All moving parts should move freely without binding or hesitation.

Report all damaged or missing parts to intermediate direct supportfnext authorized repair level.

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