Disassembly BARREL

g1. Make sure that the gun is unloaded (chamber empty, magazine tube empty). If it is not unloaded, unload the gun following the instructions given in points fl. f2, f3, when the gun is supplied with the cut-off optional device. If weapon is not supplied with the cut-off device, follow instructions given in points f4, f5, f6, f7.

g2. Pull back the breech bolt (see point c5).

g3. Put the safety on (see point d2).

g4. Unscrew (anticlockwise) and remove the fore-end cap.

g5. Slide the fore-end forward off magazine tube.

g6. Grasping the barrel at the height of the gas cylinder, hold the piston inside the gas cylinder with the right thumb to prevent dropping it; slide barrel assembly forward off stock-receiver-fore-end assembly (ill. 19).


g7. Holding the cocking handle with the index or middle finger of the left hand, press the cartridge latch button and allow the breech bolt to slide slowly to a rest (ill. 20).

g8. Remove the cocking handle with a jerk (ill. 21).

g9. Hold the stock receiver assembly on a flat surface, with the feeding port facing upward, with the left hand; with the right hand grasp the operating rod H and slide it forward off the magazine tube to detach the breech bolt assembly from the receiver (ill. 22).

g10. The breech bolt assembly no longer held by the action bar will divide into its two main components (ill. 23).

- breech bolt slide with connecting rod and pin

- breech bolt assembly, locking block, firing pin extractor. TRIGGER PLATE

g11. Press in carrier stop push-button A6 (ill. 24).

g12. Detach the trigger plate retaining pin A3 by pressing with the point of a drift or some other pointed object (ill. 25).

g13. Keeping the cartridge latch button pressed, slide the trigger plate forward and downwards (ill. 26).

It is not advisable to carry out any further disassembly of the shotgun. If any should be necessary it should be entrusted to a competent gunsmith.

Cleaning and oiling


- After some use carefully clean the inside of the barrel by passing a soft cloth (flannel) through the barrel in order to remove combustion residues.

- Pass another clean soft cloth through the barrel.

- Oil it lightly by passing a clean soft cloth soaked with Beretta oil or an equivalent through the barrel.


- At the end of the hunting season and always before storing the gun for a quite long time, it is necessary to clean carefully the above mentioned parts, spraying them liberally with Beretta detergent or an equivalent.

— Give the detergent a few minutes to take effect, remove then the detergent and all the combustion gas residues with a phosphorous bronze brush and with a cloth soaked with detergent.

— Dry the parts carefully with a soft cloth. N.B.: There is no need to oil these parts.

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