• Put the spacer ® around the stock bolt tube. Make sure that the spacer shows on the top the drop and cast wanted ("60 DX" in the drawing).

• Put the rear plate © and the washer in the back hole of the stock until the plate reaches its own site in the stock. Make sure that the plate shows on the top the same drop and cast of the spacer ("60 DX" in the drawing). Use the screwdriver to center the plate and the washer.


• Screwdriver with a cross head.


• Remove the recoil pad using the screwdriver.

• Disassemble the stock using the spanner and take off the plates.

• Torque wrench (suggested).

• Assemble the stock being sure to locate the stock bolt tube through the rear plate ® and the washer. Make sure that also the front spacer ® between the stock and receiver is centered. (During this operation keep the shotgun vertical with the barrel down).

• Using the spanner, screw on and tighten the stock retaining nut with a torque of about 1,6/1,8 kgm (Kg per meter). A torque wrench is useful for this purpose.

Warning: The non-observance of this procedure could cause damage to .the shotgun and/or injury to the person.

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