Breech Bolt

• Reassemble the breech bolt slide with connecting rod to the breech bolt. 34

• Insert the operating rod into the breech bolt slot. 35

• Depress (if it is not already depressed) the carrier stop push-botton. 29

• Holding the stock-receiver assembly on a table with the ejection port facing upward, slide the operating rod sleeve on the magazine tube (the breech bolt rests on the operating rod) and partially insert the breech bolt inside the receiver. 27

• Holding the stock-receiver vertical, slide the operating rod sleeve downward, compressing the recoil spring, until the breech bolt hooks into OPEN position. 36

Please note: To carry out with ease the described operation, the head of the breech bolt connecting rod must rest in the recoil spring guide housing.

This will easily occur when the connecting rod is perfectly coaxial to the breech bolt and centered in the cocking handle slideway of the receiver.

• Insert the cocking handle into the breech bolt slide and push it until it clicks home.

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