Magazine Capacity

The magazine tube capacity of the AL 390 (wich has a three-round capacity) has been limited to two rounds by the application of a plug in order to comply with the sporting gun laws in force in Italy and in other countries.

This plug, which is factory mounted, reduce the fire capacity of the AL 390 to no more than three rounds (two in the tube, one in the chamber). In some areas shooting is allowed only with shotguns having a fire capacity of no more than two rounds.

To use the AL 390 in these areas, therefore, it will be necessary to limit the magazine capacity to only one round. This operation must be carried out by a gunsmith. To reduce the magazine tube capacity to one round:

• Unscrew (anticlockwise) the magazine tube cap taking care to depress the cap locking spring with a peg or a drift at the beginning of the unscrewing operation. 32

Warning: the magazine tube spring, when mounted, is in a compressed condition (the spring pushes the plug against the magazine tube cap).

• Insert a second plug on the first one (the solid side into the hollow side). 33

• Screw on (clockwise) the magazine tube cap on the tube until the spring head is in place in its hole, so as to lock the cap.

To increase the magazine tube capacity from two to three rounds, in the countries where it is allowed, simply remove the plug.

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