Mobilchoke Tubes

Warning: Beretta Mobilchoke* SP (Steel-Proof) screw-in choke tubes have been specially designed to take the punishment of non-toxic steel shot. For best results with steel shot, Beretta recommends a modified choke. Full choke constriction when using steel shot does not increase pattern density and often times distorts normal pattern density associated with lead.

Remember that standard old type Beretta Mobilchoke® tubes were not designed for steel shot.

Before shooting steel shot cartridges check that the Beretta Mobilchoke" tubes are marked SP.

• Unscrew (anticlockwise) the choke using the multiple spanner or the Beretta knife (models 2163, 2164, 2165, 2166). 37

• Carefully clean the choke housing. If necessary, use a swab sprayed with Beretta gun oil or an equivalent oil.

• Insert the desired choke into the choke housing, checking that it is perfectly clean inside and outside. 38

• Manually screw on (clockwise) the choke and tighten it with the multiple spanner or the Beretta special knife. 39, 37

Please note: Under safety conditions (cartridge chamber empty, magazine empty, receiver empty), check whether the choke has worked loose while hunting.

Should this happen, the choke must be tightened to the end again.

Warning: Remember that the use of a Mobilchoke'2' barrel without Mobilchoke® tube inserted is not allowed. Shooting without choke tube is dangerous and can damage the barrel internal screw thread irreparably.


The Beretta AL 390 semi-automatic shotgun is factory set with a heel drop of 55 or 60 mm. (field, sporting, skeet models), of 40 mm. (trap models) and cast-off (right-handed shooters).

The components which determine the drop and the cast are: 40 ® Receiver-stock spacer made of technopolymer. © Stock metal plate.

Both the spacer ® and the plate © are designed to secure two different drops with cast-off or with cast-on (for left handed shooters) depending on how they are assembled.

Other measures of stock drop can be obtained using the supplied extra set of plates / spacers.

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