Reversible Safety Button

The safety button is factory assembled to be engaged pushing it from the left to the right side of the firearm.

This because it is easier to disengage the safety, when ready to fire, pushing it with the index finger of the right hand, from the right to the left side.

For the lef-handed shooters it will be easier to disengage the safety in the opposite way.

By assembling the safety button inverted, the safety is engaged pushing from the right to the left side of the firearm and disengaged in the opposite way by using the index finger of the left hand. To invert the safety button: Cock the hammer.

Keeping the safety plunger depressed with a drift or a little knife, push the safety out of its housing (from the right to the left side of the firearm).

Warning: The safety plunger spring, when mounted, is in a compressed condition. Take care not to lose the plunger and its spring.

Insert the safety inverted into its housing from the left to the right side of the firearm and click it into position keeping the safety plunger depressed.

This operation must be carried out by a gunsmith.



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