AMMUNITION (CARTRIDGE) NOTICE: Beretta specifically disclaims responsibility for any damage or injury whatsoever occurring in connection with, or as the result of, the use in Beretta Cx4 Storm carbine of faulty, or non-standard, or "remanufactured," or hand-loaded (reloaded) ammunition, or cartridges other than those for which the firearm was originally chambered.

Use only high-quality, commercially-manufactured ammunition that is manufactured in accordance with CIP (Europe and elsewhere) or SAAMI (USA) standards. Be certain that the ammunition is the appropriate caliber and loading for the firearm and is clean, dry, and in good condition. The cartridge designation for your carbine is marked on the side of the barrel and in front of the cocking handle (visible when drawn back).

WARNING: Carefully inspect each cartridge before it is loaded in the magazine. Be certain the cartridge cases are not split, deformed, or the cartridges do not possess any other dents or defects (this applies even to factory ammunition).

Do not fire old ammunition in this firearm. Primers, powder, cartridge cases, and bullets can deteriorate with time and cause damage to the firearm, or injury to the shooter or others.

WARNING: Do not use reloaded or handloaded ammunition. Beretta assumes no liability for incidents occurring through the use of reloaded ammunition. Use of reloaded ammunition will void the manufacturer's warranty.

WARNING: The extended use of +P, +P+ ammunition may decrease the minor components service life expectancy. DO NOT use sub-machine gun ammunition because the chamber pressure may reach or exceed proof load pressure.

Lead bullets have a tendency to cause bore leading, which may dramatically increase the discharge pressure. Make sure to remove all chamber and bore lead accumulation after each use.

DO NOT ever shoot cartridges with jacketed bullets through a barrel previously fired with lead bullets before the bore is thoroughly deleaded.

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  • Jan
    Can you shoot lead bullets in a cx4 storm?
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