•Spray a brush with Beretta oil or a good grade gun oil. Insert the brush into the barrel by means of a rod from the chamber and scrub the chamber and bore thoroughly. If necessary, first clean the bore with a gun solvent. •Dry the chamber and bore by pushing a cotton patch through the chamber and bore with the rod. Change the patch until it emerges clean.

WARNING: Check the barrel to be sure there are no obstructions in the chamber and bore.

• Lightly oil the inside of the barrel by passing through it a clean cotton patch soaked in Beretta oil or a good grade gun oil.

• Lightly oil the outside of the barrel. BOLT

•Clean the bolt with a patch and Beretta oil or a good grade gun oil, paying special attention to the breech face, extractor, ejector and to the bolt guides. If necessary, use the brush. Wipe bolt surfaces with a clean patch.

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