Cease Firing Immediately

• Keep the firearm pointed in a SAFE direction. A "squib load" may have occurred. A "squib" occurs when a cartridge fires, but with insufficient force to drive the bullet out of the barrel. This can result in a dangerous bore obstruction.

WARNING: If another cartridge is fired into an obstructed barrel, a catastrophic failure can result.

•With the gun pointed in a SAFE direction, completely unload the firearm by following the unloading instructions in this manual.

•Using the disassembly instructions remove the frame-barrel/bolt assembly from the stock and visually check to be sure there are no obstructions in the barrel. If a barrel obstruction is detected, a qualified gunsmith must remove the obstruction and inspect the carbine before it can be fired.

• Carefully inspect your ammunition.

WARNING: Never attempt to reuse or fire ammunition that did not fire the first time. Dispose of unfired or damaged ammunition properly, per the ammunition manufacturer's recommendation.

WARNING: Always unload the firearm immediately after shooting is completed. Never store a loaded firearm. To store the firearm see the dedicated paragraph (Storing).

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