WARNING: Always be certain that the carbine is unloaded. Please refer to the instructions given in the "load check" paragraph.

Notice: It is advisable to carry out the field stripping operations over a table to catch components should they drop.

CAUTION: Before disassembling the parts, carefully observe and memorize the position of the components to facilitate their correct reassembly.

• Remove the magazine by pushing the magazine release button. (Fig. 6)

•To facilitate disassembly, it is advisable to cock the hammer. Retract the bolt by means of the cocking handle and gently take the bolt to the closed position. (Fig. 7)

WARNING: By retracting the cocking handle when an empty magazine is inserted in the carbine, the bolt remains in the open position. To close the bolt press the bolt release lever downwards. Always keep your fingers away from the ejection port.

• Push the disassembly latch out the frame of the carbine. (Fig. 9) The disassembly latch can be removed from either side.

•Slide the front part of the carbine (receiver/barrel assembly) from the stock. (Fig. 10)

• Fully retract the cocking handle until it corresponds with the opening (circular part) of the port. (Fig. 11)

• Remove the cocking handle by pulling it forcefully. (Fig. 12)

WARNING: At this stage, the bolt is not blocked into position by the cocking handle and could therefore fall out. Handle with care all disassembled parts.

Look down the barrel from the muzzle (or front) end so that you can see completely through the barrel to make sure no obstruction exists.

If an obstruction in the barrel is detected, a qualified gunsmith must remove the obstruction and inspect the carbine before it can be fired.

WARNING: If another cartridge is fired into an obstructed barrel, a catastrophic failure can result.

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