Extraction Ejection And Cocking Handle

Notice: It is advisable to carry out the field stripping and the assembly operations over a table to catch components should they drop.

CAUTION: Before disassembling the parts, carefully observe and memorize the position of the components to facilitate their correct reassembly.

• Disassemble the bolt from the barrel sliding it from the receiver (See paragraph on disassembly).

• Remove the retaining spring clip from the spring/spring guide assembly (Fig. 27). The operation can be facilitated by levering the spring/spring guide upwards.

•On the opposite side, remove the extractor (Fig. 29).

CAUTION: In order to invert the ejection from one side to the other, it is necessary to also invert the position of the ejection port cover located on the opposite side of the extractor.

•To ease the procedure of inverting the position of the controls, it is advisable to also remove the spring/spring guide assembly (Fig. 30).

• Using a drift-punch or similar, gently push the cover from the open side of the ejection port (Fig. 31) until the cover is completely removed.

WARNING: The cover MUST always be mounted on the opposite side of the extractor in order to avoid possible mis-ejection of the case.

•To remount the ejection port cover on the side desired, take care to correctly insert the two upper protrusions of the cover in their respective recesses on the bolt.

• Mount the extractor on the opposite side paying attention to insert its rear protrusion into the seat of the bolt (Fig. 32).

• Insert the ejector on the opposite side to the extractor as shown in Fig. 33.

• Remount the spring/spring guide assembly if previously disassembled.

• Push the retaining spring clip down into its seat (Fig. 34).

•Once the bolt is reassembled onto the barrel line up the hole found on the bolt body with the rear part of the cocking port (circular part) (Fig. 12) and insert the cocking handle (with the concave part facing the barrel) into the seat pushing it into the hole (right or left side) of the bolt.

•Proceed with the rest of the reassembly as indicated in the dedicated chapter.

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