The firearm should be cleaned as soon as possible after firing. Use only high-quality, commercially-available firearm cleaning solvents and cleaning equipment.

WARNING: Never store a loaded firearm.

WARNING: The firearm should not be disassembled for cleaning beyond what is described below. Only a qualified gunsmith who is familiar with these firearms should conduct further disassembly.

WARNING: Do not attempt to alter the internal parts of your carbine's firing mechanism. Alterations to the hammer, trigger, springs, sear or other internal parts can result in a very dangerous situation.

WARNING: Altering the internal parts of your carbine's firing mechanism voids the manufacturer's warranty.

WARNING: Do not attempt to make repairs to any firearm without proper knowledge or training. Do not alter parts or use substitute parts not made by Beretta. Any alterations or adjustments that may be necessary to the operating mechanism should be performed by the Manufacturer or by its Local Official Distributor.

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