Mounting The Stock Spacers

WARNING: Always be certain that the carbine is unloaded. Please refer to the instructions given in the "Load check" paragraph.

WARNING: Make sure the carbine is pointed in a safe direction.

Notice: It is advisable to disassemble the stock from the receiver/barrel/bolt assembly (see paragraph regarding disassembly).

If you wish to mount additional spacers (available on request) on the stock in order to increase the length or to remove the one already mounted in order to decrease the length of the stock, proceed as follows:

• Remove the rubber recoil pad from the rear of the stock (Fig. 25).

• Unscrew in a counter clockwise direction the rear screw from the stock with a 7 mm blade screwdriver (Fig. 26).

• Completely remove the screw.

• Remove the mounted spacer if you wish to shorten the stock or add more spacers (available on request) to lengthen the stock.

CAUTION: once the screw has been removed from the stock, the rear sling swivel (Fig.1/2-G) is not fixed to the stock. Take care not to lose it.

•To remount the screw make sure to correctly centre the screw with the respective seat of the sling swivel.

• Using the screwdriver, completely screw and tighten the screw in a clockwise direction on the stock.

• Reassemble the rubber recoil pad.

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