Operational And Anatomical Features

Semiautomatic firing. The Cx4 Storm carbine will automatically reload after each round is fired, as long as there are cartridges in the magazine.

The blowback type locking system and the bolt safety ensure reliability, great stability and precision in follow up shots.

Single action. The short and light single action trigger pull allows for faster, more accurate discharge of subsequent rounds.

Removable magazine (Fig. 3). The Beretta Cx4 Storm carbine has a quickly removable, high capacity magazine which allows rapid reloading and extended use in emergency situations.

The capacity of magazine for Cx4 Storm models is as follows*:

cal. 9mm Parabellum** - 10,15, 20 rounds, staggered magazine cal. 9mm x 21 IMI - 10, 15 rounds, staggered magazine cal. 40 S&W**- 10, 11 rounds, staggered magazine cal. 45 ACP (Auto) - 8 rounds, staggered magazine

* Consult local authorities for maximum magazine capacity restrictions that may apply in your locale. ** Commercial carbines sold in the US market are supplied with 10-round magazines in accordance with US Federal Guidelines for Commercial Sales.

Specific calibers, may not be available in you market.

Where permitted by law the Cx4 Storm is able to utilize the same magazines as the 92/96/98 and 8000/8040/8045 Cougar pistol series through the assembly of an adapter in the magazine seat.

Reversible controls. The extractor, the ejector, the cocking handle, the ejection port cover, the magazine release button and the manual safety button are reversible for right or left hand use.

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