Picatinny Rails

WARNING: Always be certain that the carbine is unloaded. Please refer to the instructions given in the "Load check" paragraph.

WARNING: Make sure the carbine is pointed in a safe direction.

Under the barrel, inside the fore-end of the upper receiver, the standard Picatinny type rail supplied with your carbine can be extracted. (Fig. 2-S) To do so, push the front sling swivel and simultaneously extract the internal rail (Fig. 21). To mount the side Picatinny type rail included with your carbine, it is sufficient to attach it with the two screws supplied into their respective seats. (Fig. 2-T) The rail can be mounted on both sides of the receiver (Fig. 22). Other optional Picatinny rails to mount on the top of the frame (MIL-STD-1913) (Fig. 23) and under the barrel (Fig. 24) are available on request.

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