•Check that the hammer is cocked. If not, completely pull the trigger and keep it depressed, draw back the hammer and release the trigger. The hammer will be blocked in the cocked position (fully retracted). (Fig. 14 and 15)

• Reassemble the bolt on the barrel corresponding the lower guides of the bolt with the lower guides of the receiver. (Fig. 16)

• Line up the hole found on the bolt body with the rear part of the cocking port (circular part). (Fig. 12)

• Insert the cocking handle (with the concave part facing the barrel) into the seat pushing it into the hole of the bolt.

• Push the cocking handle completely forwards until it stops.

• Reassemble the stock by engaging the side rails of this last part with the side rails of the receiver/barrel/bolt assembly. (Fig. 17)

•Slide the receiver/barrel/bolt assembly onto the stock until it stops.

• Insert and push the disassembly latch in the seat while holding the stock and receiver/barrel/bolt assembly together.

• Pull the trigger to decock the hammer.

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