Safety Features

Notice: The figure numbers noted below refer to the photographs on pages 2, 3, 54, 55, 170, 171.

Manual safety button (reversible) (Fig.1/2 - C). The Cx4 Storm features a manual safety that blocks the trigger. The manual safety can be engaged when the hammer is in the decocked or cocked position, or when the bolt is open or closed. The manual safety button is reversible for right or left hand use.

Automatic Firing Pin Block. The Cx4 Storm has a blocking device that prevents forward movement of the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled. This feature is intended to prevent discharge if the carbine is dropped or if the hammer is unintentionally dropped without pulling the trigger.

Loaded chamber indicator (Fig. 2-O). The loaded chamber indicator is a small tab that protrudes from the bolt when a round is in the chamber. The tab is located on the ejector of the carbine and can be both seen and felt, allowing the user to check the chamber for the increased protrusion of the tab. Please note: The most certain way to check whether a carbine is loaded is to pull back on the bolt and visually inspect the chamber for a round. Loaded chamber indicators are designed primarily to allow noiseless inspection of the carbine to ensure that it is loaded in situations when it may be dangerous to operate the bolt (the action of pulling back on the bolt may make noise and will temporarily render the carbine inoperable) or when it is dark. The loaded chamber indicator is reversible for right or left hand use.

WARNING: In order to permit the use of the Cx4 Storm in , emergency situations, even in the case of involuntary dropping ■ or loss of the magazine, these models are NOT provided with a magazine safety. They are therefore capable of firing, if a round is chambered, even if the magazine has not been inserted or if it has been removed or if it has been dislodged from its seat.

Bolt release lever (Fig. 1-D). The bolt release lever allows the closing of the bolt which remains in the open position after the last round from the magazine has been fired (magazine inserted). This permits the user to immediately determine that the carbine does not have a round in the chamber or in the magazine.

Bolt travel stop. This safety system is an inertia device which avoids the complete opening of the bolt in case the carbine is dropped, preventing the accidental introduction of the round into the chamber or the ejection of the chambered cartridge.

Safety on the hammer. The hammer features a device that prevents the disengaging of the hammer itself. This safety is intended to reduce the possibility of discharge of the carbine if it is dropped.

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    What is the loaded chanmber indicator on a beretta storm model c?
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